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Regional planning

Regional plans set the long-term strategic direction for how our regions will grow and respond to change over time.

They support economic growth, development and liveable communities while protecting natural resources and balancing state interests outlined in the State Planning Policy.

Regional plans continue to evolve. The next generation of regional plans link long-term economic strategy with land use and infrastructure planning. These plans will continue to be outcome-focused and supported by implementation actions to advance the purpose, goals and regional policies.

The Queensland Government works with local governments, traditional owners, the community and key industry groups to develop regional plans so everyone’s interests are considered.

Local governments must consider a regional plan for their area when preparing their local planning schemes.

Visit our interactive maps to see the regional areas. Learn more about regional planning in Queensland.


Regional planning in Queensland is governed by:

Together, these seek to strike a balance between protecting priority land uses and delivering a diverse and prosperous economic future for our regions.

Contact the department if you require an electronic copy of a previous regional plan.

Last updated: 25 May 2022