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Online planning services

We are making it easier for local government, state agencies, applicants and industry to stay up to date with assessment applications and reporting requirements through our online tools and services. Some portals will require you to register before allowing you to access the service.

Infrastructure designations portal

Applicants can use the infrastructure designations portal to submit requests for pre-lodgement meetings, requests for new infrastructure designations and requests to amend or repeal existing infrastructure designations. The portal tracks the progress of applications, provides a platform for supporting documents to uploaded to the department and gives registered users real time access to submissions made during consultation.


The state government provides mapping that spatially represents matters of state interest in the planning system through two Geographic Information Systems (GIS) platforms. The State Planning Policy Interactive Mapping System (SPP IMS) is a standalone mapping system. The Development Assessment Mapping System (DAMS), incorporates mapping used for different functions in development assessment.

Regional interests development assessment portal (RIDA)

Applicants can lodge applications on the portal, as well as any further correspondence with the department required throughout the assessment process. Applicants can also receive all correspondence from the department through the portal and monitor the progress of their applications.

Development assessment forms

The state government provides applicants with the latest versions of forms and templates for development assessment. Before submitting your development application or change application, ensure you are using the most up-to-date version.


MyDAS2 is a system that allows applicants to lodge their development applications online when the state government needs to either assess the application as assessment manager or a referral agency.

Map your development application

The Development Assessment Rules (DA Rules) set the process for how a development application is assessed and decided. As each development application is different, the required steps in that assessment will vary. By answering questions, this service will generate a flow chart that provides an indicative process and timeline of your development application.

Implementation program reporting application

Annual implementation reports provide high level reporting on the progress of regional planning implementation programs in a centralised location. They report on a series of actions to be carried out by various government and non-government agencies to achieve the strategic direction and objectives identified in regional plans, whilst providing improved knowledge on a plan’s performance over time through monitoring activities, and ongoing engagement with the community and key stakeholders. This reporting aims to provide transparency and accountability when communicating progress on implementing regional plans.

Mapping amendment requests

State agencies can submit mapping amendment requests for updates to the DAMS and SPP IMS mapping interfaces. This service allows state agencies to send mapping updates to users who subscribe on the department (Planning) website to receive alerts. This system also publishes data to the DAMS and SPP IMS updates register located on the website.

Plan-making portal

The plan-making portal provides a service to local government and state agencies. It enables local government to electronically lodge notices and draft local planning instruments with the department during the making and amending process. Local government can also electronically view a notice given by the Planning Minister or the department’s chief executive. State agencies can use this service to consider draft local planning instruments and to compile state agency comments. The community can view related information in the Plan-making dashboard.

Plan-making dashboard

You can search for and view information about local government plan-making taking place across Queensland.

Manage organisation

Local government and state agency super users can manage portal access for existing users and adding new users for their organisation.

Last updated: 11 Nov 2023