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Planning framework

Our planning framework is designed to be fair, balanced, transparent and accountable. It also needs to be efficient and effective. Planning policies affect peoples' rights to use their land, and outcomes broadly affect members of the community.

Queensland's planning framework is established in the Planning Act 2016. The planning framework consists of three main systems:

State and local governments share the responsibility for the delivery and operation of these systems.


Several pieces of legislation and tools complement the Planning Act 2016 to support aspects of the planning system.


Queensland's plan-making system guides all strategic planning and future development throughout the state.

Development assessment

Our development assessment system sets out if and how development may occur.

State Assessment and Referral Agency

Find out how and when to make referral applications to the State Assessment and Referral Agency.

Dispute resolution

The state's dispute resolution system resolves disputes and offences.

Infrastructure planning

Infrastructure planning is about deciding what is necessary to best service particular areas of Queensland. It provides certainty to local communities and the development industry. Both state and local governments manage infrastructure

Our performance

The Queensland Government is committed to a transparent planning framework and improving its customer service experiences. We provide annual progress reports and survey results on planning's key functions.


The department has made a range of spatial mapping data available to the public, including interactive maps and map products.

Online planning services

Keep up to date with assessment applications and reporting requirements through our online tools and services.

Last updated: 26 May 2022