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What is plan-making?

The plan-making system guides land use planning for future development in Queensland. It is one of three main systems which make up Queensland's planning framework . The other systems are development assessment and dispute resolution.

State and local governments share the responsibility for the delivery and operation of these systems. The community and industry also play a role. Find out more about who does what in planning.

State planning

The state's interests are set out in the State Planning Policy and regional plans. These interests are delivered through local planning schemes. The state government also sets out the procedures to ensure the process for the plan-making system are consistent across the state.

Regional planning

Regional plans recognise diversity and identify matters that are important and specific to a Queensland region. They support growth and development in the regions while protecting each region’s natural resources along with the interests of the state.

Local planning

Local government prepares the local planning instruments that guide growth and development in each local government area. The state government is the approving authority for some of these local planning instruments.

Last updated: 25 May 2022