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Updates to State code 23: Wind farm development and the associated Planning Guidance

The Queensland Government has committed to and is delivering on a commitment to review the planning framework for renewables. The government has been listening to the community and has been working with other government agencies, local councils and stakeholders to establish the issues to be addressed in the review.

Wind farms in Queensland already undergo a thorough assessment process.

This review of the code and guideline is designed to strengthen protections for communities and the environment, while creating certainty and clarity for industry with clearer benchmarks for managing environmental and construction impacts

State code 23: Wind farm development ( 150.0 KB) and its associated Planning Guidance ( 1.0 MB) are used by the State Assessment and Referral Agency to assess wind farm applications.

State code 23: Wind farm development and its associated Planning Guidance are now being reviewed - drawing on experiences from the construction of approved wind farms and issues raised by different stakeholders over the past few years.

The department sought comments and feedback on the proposed updates to State code 23: Wind farm development and the associated Planning Guidance.

Key changes proposed to the State Code and Planning Guidance will:

  • ­ strengthen the environmental assessment criteria to prevent impacts on threatened species and associated habitats and areas of high ecological value
  • ­ clarify requirements for replanting and rehabilitating areas that are cleared for construction that are not needed to remain cleared for operations
  • ­ require projects to better understand areas of high erosion risk, particularly in Great Barrier Reef catchments, when formulating site layouts and to submit material for assessment to demonstrate that erosion and run off during construction can be adequately managed
  • ­ require applicants to demonstrate during the assessment that a viable heavy haulage route can support project construction
  • ­ introduce a new assessment criterion requiring proponents to assess the implications on surrounding communities and townships of proposed on-site construction camps.

Last updated: 30 Nov 2023