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The department has made a range of spatial mapping data available to the public, including interactive maps and map products. Subscribe to mapping alerts. For more information on mapping see our FAQs below.

We maintain the State Planning Policy (SPP) Interactive Mapping System (IMS) and Development Assessment Mapping System (DAMS). These provide mapping for a number of different functions in the planning system related to land use planning and development assessment.

You can view previous mapping amendments below.

  • Our SPP IMS and DAMS maps are amended from time to time. A summary of previous mapping amendments is available below.

  • Why don’t all state interests have mapping layers?

    Mapping layers only apply to some matters of interest. There are some matters for which there is no corresponding geographical mapping information. Likewise, some maps may have partial information, which will be added to as additional data becomes available. Some matters of interest have multiple layers.

    The DA mapping system is updated regularly and, in some case where mapping is not yet complete or available, it will be added in the future.

    Where does the mapping come from?

    The mapping data comes directly from the relevant state agency for that matter of interest.

    The DA mapping system is updated regularly and will be refined and expanded over time based on new or additional information. Therefore, it represents the best information available at a certain point in time.

    What is SARA DA Mapping?

    The SARA DA Mapping layers are geographic information system (GIS) mapping layers related to matters of interest to the state when assessing SARA development applications. Some SARA layers have been included to assist the user in identifying which assessment and referral triggers under the Planning Regulation 2017 may apply to a particular site.

Additional mapping products

A range of PDF maps are also available related to:

Mapping alerts

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Last updated: 20 Dec 2021