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City Deals

City Deals are a key implementation tool for all levels of government to work together to plan and deliver transformative outcomes for Australian cities.

The memorandum of understanding (2016) between the Federal and Queensland Government sets out how they will work together to establish City Deals in Queensland, in partnership with local governments. It outlines agreed domains for action for City Deals that will focus on economic growth, jobs and housing, reduced travel times, and improved environmental outcomes. The aim is to deliver measurable improvements to people’s quality of life and standards of living.

Queensland is at the forefront of City Deals in Australia with the signing of Australia’s first City Deal (Townsville) in December 2016 and Australia’s newest City Deal - for South East Queensland (SEQ) - signed in 2022.

South East Queensland City Deal

In February 2019, the Prime Minister committed to working in partnership with the Queensland Government and the Council of Mayors (SEQ) to develop a City Deal for South East Queensland. This was followed by all Deal partners signing the SEQ City Deal Statement of Intent in March 2019.

The South East Queensland (SEQ) City Deal is a 20-year commitment signed by the Australian Government, Queensland Government and CoMSEQ on 21 March 2022.

The SEQ City Deal delivers a significant package of investments to support one of the fastest growing regions in the country. Through the City Deal, partners will work together to catalyse South East Queensland’s transition to a more connected, prosperous and sustainable region that is connected locally and competing globally.

Townsville City Deal

Townsville was Australia’s-first City Deal  established in partnership between the Federal Government, Queensland Government, Townsville City Council, and the local community. This City Deal delivers a prosperous economic future for Townsville and positions Townsville as a vibrant, liveable and innovative Queensland city.

The deal is a 15-year commitment and was signed by the three levels of government in December 2016, with the Townsville City Deal released in April 2017.

Further information

Further information on City Deals is available from the Federal Government’s City Deals website City Deals (

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Last updated: 21 Oct 2022