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Have your say

There are many ways the community can get involved in planning.

State and local governments share the responsibility for planning in Queensland, but they each have different roles to play. Find out more about how planning works.

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Have your say on development

Local planning schemes regulate what new development can occur in your community. Anyone can formally submit comments to support or oppose a development application.

  • Some development can occur without an approval being required. This development is called  'accepted development'. It is usually set out in a local planning scheme. If you have concerns about accepted development occurring in your area, you should engage with your local government during the plan-making process.

    Anyone can formally submit comments to support or oppose a development application. These comments are called 'submissions' and can be made on any type of development application. However, the legal right to appeal the decision is only possible on impact assessable development applications, where:

    • the local government has identified that the development has the potential for greater impacts
    • change applications have been advertised for comment.

    Find out more about how to have your say on a development proposal.

    Anyone who has made a formal submission about an impact assessable development application will receive a copy of the decision. If you are not satisfied with the decision, you can appeal. Learn more about dispute resolution.

Have your say on local planning

Getting involved at the plan-making stage – when a local planning scheme is being prepared or amended – is the best way to influence future development in your area. Shape the places and spaces where you live, work and play.

  • Once a local planning scheme is in place, development applications are made against it, so it’s important you get involved in the plan-making stage.

    The community can access a list of active plan-making processes currently being undertaken by local government on the plan-making dashboard.

    You can also:

    • Let your local government know you’re interested in hearing about local planning. Your local government may provide community members the opportunity to sign up for updates, so contact them.
    • Check your local government’s website for information on how to get involved in the planning process for your local area.
    • Make a written submission when your local planning scheme is open for consultation. Local government must consider all properly made submissions and let you know how your feedback informed the next version of the planning scheme.

    The department has produced the community engagement toolkit to help local governments and their communities engage better with each other.

Have your say on state planning

The Planning Act requires the state government to consult the public when changes are proposed to certain instruments in the planning framework.

  • How to have your say on state planning:

    • sign up for planning updates from our department
    • visit our Have your say site, which is where we promote all our active consultations
    • check your local paper – we advertise when state planning instruments are out for consultation.
    • email us to ask any questions.

Last updated: 26 May 2022