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State Assessment and Referral Agency

The state becomes involved in assessing development applications if it affects a state interest. This can be state heritage places, state transport corridors or the clearing of certain vegetation.

The State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) is responsible for carrying out this function and uses criteria from the (SDAP).

When SARA is the assessment manager, the application is lodged with SARA.

When SARA is the referral agency, the applicant must refer the application to SARA after lodging it with the relevant local government (as assessment manager). View SARA decisions.

SARA is responsible for many referral agency triggers. However, applicants should be aware that there are other entities outside SARA that hold jurisdiction for their own referral agency triggers. Schedule 10 of the Planning Regulation 2017 sets out all referral agencies and their jurisdictions.

See our interactive mapping to help identify development assessment triggers and referrals and interpret the State Development Assessment Provisions.

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Last updated: 22 Dec 2021