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Regional planning implementation

Regional plans are long-term strategic plans for selected regions across the state. They support local growth and balance development while also protecting a region’s natural resources.

‘Next generation’ regional plans identify a series of actions for nominated government and non-government entities. Implementation programs measure the progress of these actions. These programs assist in achieving the strategic direction and objectives of a regional plan.

Implementation programs may also include indicative priorities (high, medium or low) and are subject to government budgetary consideration.

Monitoring activities and ongoing engagement with the community and key stakeholders help to improve the understanding of a plan’s performance and ensure its successful implementation.

The department aims to provide progress updates regarding implementation actions on an annual basis.

South East Queensland regional plan progress

ShapingSEQ 2023 has now been released and amends ShapingSEQ 2017. It has an updated approach to implementation, with a revised framework, monitoring and reporting processes. It also contains 13 new implementation actions.

Upon establishment of the ShapingSEQ 2023 Delivery Office this page will be updated with new information regarding monitoring and reporting on implementation items. For further details on ShapingSEQ 2023 implementation framework please refer to Chapter 4 of the regional plan ( 1.1 MB).

Last updated: 06 Feb 2024