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Queensland zoning information

Know your zone

Every piece of land in Queensland is included in a zone. The zoning of your land will affect what you can do with it. Your zone may be different to your neighbours, as their land may be zoned differently.

Each zone allocates land for different uses. There are zones for residential, commercial and industrial development, for community facilities and services, for rural activities, and covering natural and recreation areas.

If you are thinking about buying property, have purchased property, or just interested in your local area, knowing your zone can help you understand what you can do with your land. It may also help you understand future changes to your local area.

Each local government regulates development in its local government area. This means each zone may be slightly different across the state. Local government, through their local planning schemes, will provide more detailed direction on each zone’s intended uses and the development depending on the location.

The 'know your zone' cards provide an overview of each zone and identify some uses you may expect to see developed in each zone. For more detailed information relevant to your area, please contact your local government.

Last updated: 20 Dec 2021