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Local planning schemes

Each local government has its own local planning scheme. It's a document which informs us - the community, development industry and governments - about how each local government plans to manage growth and change. A local planning scheme outlines what sort of development you can expect in your local area.

A local planning scheme regulates what new development should occur in local communities and how. It outlines planning and development aspirations, as well as infrastructure needs.

For example, when purchasing a house, looking at the ‘zone’ the local planning scheme has applied to land helps residents understand the likely uses that may occur in their street and neighbourhood.

Sometimes, a temporary local planning instrument (TLPI) is needed. It contains planning provisions that can be implemented quickly and apply for a limited period of time – this safeguards an area in urgent or emergent circumstances.

Visit your local government’s website to view their local planning scheme.

The state government provides guidance, tools and general information to assist local government to undertake plan-making in their local area.

Making or amending a local planning scheme

Each local government consults with their community when making or amending their local planning scheme. The community engagement tool kit is designed to help local government and communities openly engage with each other.

Local government is required to address some state and regional policy matters outlined in the State Planning Policy (SPP) and the regional plan relevant to their area. The state government is closely involved in the process.

We have developed some helpful information to assist local government when preparing their local planning schemes.

The Planning Minister provides the final approval of a local planning scheme.

The Minister's Guidelines and Rules (MGR) is a statutory instrument which sets out guidelines and rules for how local planning instruments, including local planning schemes are made or amended.

When  a local government uses the tailored process for plan-making, the department’s chief executive issues a notice to the local government about the process to follow, as it is not detailed in the MGR. See public notices for making or amending local planning schemes.

For further details about the status of plan-making processes in Queensland please visit the Plan-making dashboard or your local government’s website.

Local planning schemes - ten year review

Local planning schemes must be reviewed within ten years after they are made or last reviewed.  Visit your local government's website for more information if a review has been recently commenced or completed. We have developed guidance to assist local government in the ongoing monitoring of their planning scheme and in undertaking a formal ten-year review.

Following the review, the local government must decide, whether to amend or replace the local planning scheme. If the local government decides to not amend or replace the local planning scheme, they must give written reasons for the decision.

Last updated: 25 May 2022