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Urban encroachment

Increasing urban development can pose difficulties for some owners of premises where their activities involve emissions relating to air, light or noise.

Where an activity is operating within previously approved limits, an owner can apply to the Planning Minister for an urban encroachment registration. This protects the owner from other businesses or residents launching legal action for nuisance relating to air, light or noise emissions.

The owner of a premises is eligible to apply for an urban encroachment registration if their activity provides significant economic, heritage or infrastructure value to Queensland.

These protections do not restrict the right to legal proceedings where an activity is operating outside of approved limits. Registration does not allow for the premises owner to intensify an existing activity.

An urban encroachment registration may have effect for between 10 to 25 years.

Further information

For more information about urban encroachment registrations please contact us .

Approved urban encroachment registrations

Registered premises XXXX Milton Brewery
Address 185 Milton Road, Milton, QLD, 4064
Lot/plan Lot 35 Plan SL805565
Date of registration 28 April 2019
Map of affected area

Last updated: 25 May 2022