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Infrastructure designations

An infrastructure designation - commonly known as a ministerial infrastructure designation (MID) - allows for the delivery of essential community infrastructure. For example, hospitals, schools, police/ambulance/fire stations, power lines, water supply infrastructure and sewerage treatment plans.

This provides an alternative process to lodging a development application with the relevant local government.

The Planning Minister is responsible for making an infrastructure designation, while the department coordinates the assessment process. This includes obtaining assessment advice from other state agencies and technical experts.

The Planning Minister makes all decisions relating to MID requests. The Minister's Guidelines and Rules (MGR) outlines the process for environmental assessment and consultation for making or amending a MID.

Infrastructure designations are mainly requested by state departments. For example, the education department may request designation of a site for a future school. Private entities may also submit infrastructure designation requests, such as for a private hospital.

The MGR also contains the designation process rules for local government when making and amending a LGID. Local government is responsible for infrastructure designations at a local level. A LGID enables local infrastructure to be delivered more efficiently, for example a new library or recreation centre.

Pre-lodgement meetings and enquiries

A pre-lodgement meeting is strongly encouraged for all proposed ministerial infrastructure designations to discuss project details and the process.

To request a pre-lodgement meeting or for more information, contact the Infrastructure Designations team.

Community Consultation

Community consultation is required on all MIDs. You can view further information about the process in the making or amending a MID operational guidance.

See the public register below for all MIDs currently on consultation.

Ministerial Infrastructure Designations public register

The public register contains information on:

  • all MIDs decisions
  • MID proposals currently open for consultation
  • MID proposals under assessment.

Decided Ministerial infrastructure designation requests and Ministerial infrastructure designation requests currently open for consultation are available to view by selecting the appropriate tab below.

Last updated: 25 May 2022